2014 APR Year (Summer 2013 and 2013-2014 School Year)

  • 179 Kentucky 21st CCLC programs served a total of 38,338 elementary, middle, and high school students
    • 21,585 students were served at elementary sites
    • 16,753 students were served at middle/high school sites
  • Kentucky supported a total of 179 sites to provide 21st CCLC programming in 69 different counties
  • 67% of students attending 30 days or more during the school year qualified for free/reduced lunch
  • Although results show that about one in four regularly attending students struggled academically, roughly 94% of these students maintained or increased their grades from the Fall to the Spring
  • Teachers reported that among the students who needed to improve, approx. 80% of them improved to some degree in academic performance, homework completion, and turning in homework on time